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Our name reflects our underlying belief that the success of any business will depend on the ability to leverage the potential that its’ people contribute to the business.  If your people are engaged, motivated and inspired, that will bring success to your business, giving the biggest competitive advantage. Our mission is to help organizations enable their people potential.


We offer personalized and customized service and solutions to meet needs of our clients.

Does your company currently have no or very minimal HR functionality?  If so, our HR-in-a-box service might be the perfect solution for you. We will setup your HR structure and some key functionalities needed to ensure you have the tactical functions as well as the fundamental legal practices and policies in place for your day to day needs.  Some of these include but are not limited to:


  • HR Policies and Procedures

  • Payroll setup

  • Compensation structure and benefits

  • Legal compliance

  • Hiring and on boarding processes

  • Exit process

  • Simple performance metrics


leadership coaching

We can provide a customized coaching services package for
professionals, managers, or executives. These sessions can strengthen your team by identifying their needs or issues they want to address, focusing on the key result areas, and developing a plan that will deliver results in these key areas. Our coaching model is based on the neurological principle that no two brains are alike and individuals will be most successful when plans are developed and implemented by them based on their own unique thinking. Some areas where your team could be looking for support might be dealing with an organizational change, delivering on business and/or personal objectives and plans, relationship management, or personal effectiveness.

international hr operation

If you already have or are planning to establish business operations outside Canada and/or the United States including locations in Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific regions, we have the expertise to help you in ensuring that those operations are established/operate consistent with best practices.  Our services include providing expert advice on designing and developing HR programs that are globally aligned and locally relevant.

As a progressive twenty-first century workplace, it is vital that employees and external stakeholders view your organization as champions of promoting the values of inclusion, equality and diversity.  This includes creating and maintaining a work-culture where everyone is comfortable with their identity, is treated with respect and dignity and feels included.  It is well established that workplaces that are rich with diversity of their employee backgrounds foster greater innovation.  Having employment practices and culture that ensures everyone has what they need to be successful promotes equity.  When everyone feels included, feels they have an opportunity to succeed, that will lead to higher level of engagement.  Having an organizational culture that is free from harassment and discrimination of any kind is a very high on the expectations of workforce.  We can help you make an assessment on your current culture, develop and conduct training programs for your managers and employees, recommend strategies and programs that will help you develop a desirable culture that champions inclusion, equality, and diversity.

inclusion, equality, and diversity

change management

In today’s world, businesses need to be agile and make strategic changes often and when needed. Most of these times, if not always, your people will be impacted. We will help you navigate your business through this change and make sure that your business is set up for success post-change. This will include, but not be limited to: articulating your desired future state, understanding the gap between current and future state, identifying key stakeholders, being strategic about communication, execution of the changes, and minimizing obstacles you might face during and after the changes are communicated and implemented. We can partner with you through the end-to-end process or in select areas.

employee engagement

Employee engagement is the single most, if not the most important, aspect of an organization’s people strategy.  It represents how employees feel about the organization and culture of the company.  Higher levels of engagement drives greater productivity, innovation and an organic desire to contribute discretionary efforts, innovation, and become brand ambassadors for the company.  

With our expertise, we can help mature your employee engagement model throughout the employee lifecycle.  This may include initiatives such as employee engagement surveys and analysis to get a deeper understanding of how your employees feel about the organization, growth, leadership, culture etc.  We will then create and implement customized strategies and programs for your organization based on the areas of priorities identified, aligning those to external customer satisfaction data.

legal & ethical compliance

We offer this service to ensure your organization is aware of all the legal requirements as an employer on a federal and provincial level.   This includes, but is not limited to hiring practices, payroll, occupational and safety compliance. We have expertise to provide you with an external objective assessment in an HR area or specific issue you might be facing or anticipating, and be your partners in undertaking this assessment, providing recommendations and assisting in implementation as needed.

We will do an assessment of your policies and procedures in one or all of these people related legal and ethical areas and recommend changes based the applicable laws and best practices.  We highly recommend doing thorough review to ensure you are compliant with all employment related laws so your organization and employees are protected from potential violations/litigation in the future.

future-proofing your business

To stay competitive in our ever changing world, your organization needs to stay one step ahead with an effective long term people strategy.  We can help you in critical risk assessment and help you determine where the industry will be in the next several years. This will ensure we can proactively position your people strategy to define what your talent needs would be, what skills and expertise will be needed to get there.


This is a key exercise in talent management that will ensure your organization is ahead of the industry trends and will have the right people in the right place with the right skills in your future trajectory.

hr strategy

Understanding the criticality of an effective people strategy to an organization's success, in recent years organizations have positioned their HR function in a strategic manner that is different from the traditional HR functions of the previous decades.   We can ensure that your organization’s HR function evolves into a more strategic position that aligns with your overall Business strategy, mission and brand.  We believe that an organization's HR and people strategy must be in lock step with your annual plan and overall company mission. We will work with your leadership to ensure there is a high level of coordination between your overall business strategy and people strategy.

& more

We offer a myriad of other services that can help with your people strategy:

  • Talent attraction strategies and specific hiring needs

  • Performance management

  • Compensation analysis and strategy

  • Benefits strategy and implementation

  • Payroll setup and HR information systems

  • Policies and procedures

  • Employment investigations: e.g.: harassment and discrimination concerns

  • Learning and development programs

  • Comprehensive audit of HR function

  • Job analysis and description